Andrew has a brilliant knack of calmly and amusingly asking the big (and little) questions that will make you sit up and think. And you�ll want him to ask more because you realise that it�s getting you somewhere.

Andrew is also excellent at getting you to reassess what you think you are capable of, what others are capable of, and what teams of people are capable of.

Plus he�s stepped out and walked his own path and continues to do so, which means he�s not just giving you tools to work with, and he knows what can be fashioned with those tools.

He�s sincere, grounded, a completely real human being and someone you�ll really enjoy spending time with. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Damian Bell, Stephen Raby Associates

I first met Andrew as a coach trainer for the Coaches Training Institute where he led a 3 day coach training module that I attended. He is a natural presenter, warm and personable and with an expert understanding of coaching.

I was so impressed by Andrew that I hired him as my personal coach for more than a year. During this time, Andrew consistently created a safe environment for our coaching conversations. Right from our first coaching session, he opened my eyes to my bigger potential and from that point onwards, he never faltered from seeing me at my best and holding me to all I was capable of achieving.

His coaching style is intuitive and direct. He has the ability to name what is happening in the conversation and not step over what is important. This helps to both develop his clients' self-awareness and their ability to see different perspectives.

Andrew is deeply authentic, highly committed and full of integrity. I recommend him without reservation.

Gemma Hiett, Deloitte

Andrew is the most talented coach I have ever met across my 20-year experience in human resources, talent development and the coaching industry. He has a big heart, and the ability to understand people, accept them and support them in their growth.

His rich industry and multi-cultural experience has made him a naturally shrewd, objective and professional coach with deep insight. Amazingly empathetic, strongly intuitive and wildly curious, Andrew is a genius in leading people to grow. He is a great motivator, holding clients much bigger than they expect.

Well trained in co-active coaching, Andrew has fostered his own personal that effortlessly leads clients towards a powerful and fulfilled life. He creates a spacious environment for clients in which to experience and explore. He is able to elicit the courage to be your true self, no matter whether you are confident or nervous, delighted or stressed, strong or vulnerable. He firmly holds the genuine, unique, and significant you.

Andrew is also a very experienced and influential leader and trainer. I was so impressed by his coach training in Beijing earlier this year. His sagaciousness of creating connection with people, his strong desire to help develop others, his entrepreneurial experience, as well as his balanced temperament all earned him extremely high credibility from executives and participants alike.

Over the ten months I have been trained and coached my Andrew, not only have I been able to honor my values proudly, but I have also become extremely confident in heading for the ultimate goals in my life, and I have made very solid progress in realising my dreams and vision.

I feel very honored to have had him witness my growth, and I highly recommend working with Andrew. Go for the dream!

Judy Kwan, Beijing


Working with Andrew is nothing short of remarkable. His bright, boundless spirit playfully and potently evokes essential truth which illuminates a natural path to healing and expansion. Andrew's unrelenting devotion to being fully present and alive spills into every aspect of his life's work... he is absolutely contagious! If you're looking for someone to help spark, ignite or set your life on fire, look no further... Andrew Sheridan is your man. Put on your sunglasses, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

Gail Barrie, www.boldmoves.net

From the first conversation I had with Andrew, I knew he was the coach for me. He holds an amazing vigor for life that is contagious and inspiring. I feel safe to bring up any topic that is in my heart or mind with Andrew because he treats all that I share with such respect. He creates and holds a space that is so committed to my good that it is possible for good, true work and inspirations to occur during our sessions. Andrew has a great intuitive capacity to be present with me. He lovingly, joyfully and with great care, helps guide me through my own thoughts, feelings, and ideas so that I can see myself and my own capacity in a greater light. During my coaching with Andrew, I have achieved great personal and professional milestones. I am so grateful that Andrew does what he does.

A.J. Maurina, Seattle

I've had the honour of working with Andrew for the last 6 months. His excitement and love for coaching and helping others reach their goals was contagious. I truly appreciated his skill for being non-judgemental and accepting of my beliefs and differences, as I could really find out more about who I was and what I wanted without any outside influences. He made it easy for me to relax and open up enabling me to continue to grow and move forward with my life.  Thanks Andrew!

Donna Fowler, Sydney

Did you know that the majority of people never reach their full potential, thinking they�ve been made that way? Did you realise, though, that we have far greater control over who we are than we ever imagined? In fact, it is all in our hands, regardless of who we are at the moment. You might just need this little sparkle to start you off. So if you want to reinvent yourself in any possible area, being it health, personal, social or professional, Andrew Sheridan will take you by the hand and help you get there. Reaching your full potential has never been easier. As George Eliot put it: �It�s never too late to be what you might have been.�
J.T., Luxembourg

I first crossed paths with Andrew 10 months ago when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and I was truly in need of some inspiration and guidance. I often lacked motivation and could not look any further forward than one day at a time. Andrew has really helped me to find a sense of calm and reassurance and I feel much better equipped now to deal with current challenges and also ones that lie ahead. I am glad that I felt that I was able to be so honest with Andrew, as being so open has helped me, ultimately, to gain much more from the whole experience. I would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for Life Coaching...  he is truly inspirational!

Tom K., Luxembourg

The right word for Andrew is �inspirational�. I've had the great pleasure of attending both his workshops and his personal coaching sessions, and have found them to be life-changing events. He is a rare breed, whose attentive and motivational presence in my life has moved me to create a better world for myself. Of the many things I have taken away from my time with Andrew, I think the most important is to always be authentic. When I am true to myself, everything improves; what a gift it is to be fully present in all areas of my life. I look back fondly and thank him for inspiring me to expect more of myself and my life. I highly recommend that you tap into Andrew's wealth of motivation and wisdom. An afternoon of his special brand of inspiration may just change your life... it did mine!

Michelle Crawford, Brisbane

If you are someone who feels that there is something more needed in your personal  or professional life, that somehow you are missing what you were intended to be, then I would recommend that you hire a life coach...specifically Andrew Sheridan.  I also know that if you put in the work, that in the end you will have a stronger understanding of your true self, have a clear understanding of your power to create, and you will have become more courageous in leading both yourself and with others.  Best of all, I suspect you will find fulfillment in your life.  I have worked with Andrew and know what he can do.  You will not be disappointed...I know I wasn't!

David Bernard-Stevens
President, Leader Development Group, LLC

When I think of the place I was in when you first started coaching me, and I see where I am now, so much has changed. I was unhappy then, unfulfilled - almost like living a lie. Coaching with you helped me to look at what I really wanted, where I wanted to be and where I was going. You gave me the tools to look beyond my everyday existence and seek what I needed to feel more complete. I feel happier than I have in years, stronger, more confident. I know now that I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and I know I can be a better person in every way.

K. C., London

What a great way to kick-start my own business and career! I was working with Andrew as I opened my own Chiropractic office, and Andrew's help was tremendous. The path of discovery and exploration into the aspects of motivation and development has been nothing short of inspiring. The great part is that this growth has been on both a professional and personal level and therefore I highly recommend coaching. I really appreciated Andrew's calm, direct, and extremely insightful approach. Thanks Andrew for all your help.

Scott Oliver D.C., BKin www.luxchiro.com