On The Up Professional Coaching is all about you. You call the shots.

Oh. So what exactly is coaching?

Coaching is a tool that helps people maximise their own personal and professional potential. Coaching is a one-to-one partnership in which you are the expert in your own life. 

That's basically it.

People come to coaching for many reasons. The common thread usually relates to a want or a need for change. People are not always sure what that need means or what it looks like, but the urge to do something is there.

Coaches are trained to listen, observe and be curious about those urges. They seek to identify the skills you already have (and you have plenty of them) that will support you in living a more fulfilled, balanced and purposeful life.

The coaching relationship is built on rapport and trust: it is a relationship carefully designed between you and I to ensure that in this space, nothing is left unsaid that would diminish your potential to thrive. It takes place in an environment which is built upon the assumption that you already have all the tools you need to achieve everything you want. Coaching just helps you unravel the layers.

As the client, you are responsible for living your life and setting your own expectations and goals. As the coach, I get to hold you accountable for the goals you set, and celebrate your successes along with your challenges.

So. You might say that a coach is someone who will challenge you to be as good as you can be.

How does it work?

On The Up Coaching involves a series of one-to-one sessions, usually by telephone. The coaching process involves holding three 45 minute sessions per month.

Early in the process, the focus will be on understanding who you are today and what matters to you as an individual. It will involve getting to know one another in the new partnership, and 'designing our coaching alliance.' In simple language, that means agreeing the finer details of working together.

From there, the focus is on your values and aspirations: what matters to you, and what you want from life? As the relationship unfolds, it looks at what are the measurable steps that can be taken, and what they will involve.

That's the basic stuff.

Once this stage is reached, it can go in a multitude of directions. What is certain is that it will go forwards. Once you have committed to the process of owning your own future, and being responsible for who you are and the impact your presence has, your life will be On The Up. The possibilities are exciting and endless!

I am hugely passionate about the value of coaching, and am dedicated to exploring the possibility of a greater life existence with those around me. If you're interested in exploring further, please contact me to book a complimentary telephone session. There is nothing to lose but 30 minutes of your time - enough time to know where you're headed.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer